Julia Hanlon - Steamworks Brewing Co. - Siris Cask Festival Associate Director

Brewmaster at Steamworks since 2015, Julia Hanlon studied engineering at UBC and worked for Molson in Vancouver and Montreal  for 10 years, during which she obtained her Diploma in Brewing through UC Davis. In 2016 she was the first female head brewer to win Best in Show at the BC Beer Awards for her Flagship IPA.

"What does it mean to be a brewer in the craft brewing industry in BC? As someone who started their career in a macro brewery, it is a cultural 180. Instead of cutthroat competition, it’s about collaboration. Instead of cost savings and consistency, it's about that, AND it’s about creativity and variety. Coming from a different path than many craft brewers I was worried I might be a bit of an outsider, but in fact I have been welcomed by this wonderful community. Community is actually a really great word to describe BC’s craft brewers. There really is this feeling that if someone makes a great beer that it’s a win for everyone and moves our local industry forward.  
Secondly, what does it mean to be a woman in the craft brewing industry in BC? Well, I would like to think it means the same as being a man—or rather, it’s not a question that needs to be asked. But alas, it is often the first question I am asked and I have yet to come up with a “good” answer. Yes, I am a female brewer and yes, that makes be part of a small (but great) club, but I would love it if the discussion ended there. I am just doing a job I love and trying to do it well, much like any other brewer, male or female. For the most part, those with whom that I have worked alongside have reflected this attitude back at me, so my gender has not defined my career—the beer has always been at the heart of it, as it should be! 

With all that being said, this small club of female brewers needs more members!!!!!—So that in the future, nobody will feel compelled to ask the question about what it means to be a female brewer. The Siris Cask Festival and bursary is one step towards this and I am very honored and proud to be part of this event to help more female brewers join this amazing community!"

Ashley Brooks - Four Winds Brewing - Siris Cask Festival Associate Director

Ashley is Brewer, Head of Quality Control, & Lab Tech at Four Winds Brewing. A graduate from the KPU Brewing Program, she has a B.Sc. in Microbiology from UBC. Starting as assistant brewer at both Yaletown Brewing Co. and Bomber Brewing, she was the award-winning head brewer at Big Ridge for just over a year, medalling with her Clover IPA at the 2016 BC Beer Awards, and is now applying her skills at Four Winds. Her future aspirations are to own & operate her own brewpub.

Claire Wilson - Dogwood Brewering - Siris Cask Festival Associate Director

A head brewer by age 26, Claire Wilson is the owner and Brewmaster of Dogwood Brewing, Vancouver's only organic brewery. She took an honours degree in Brewing at Herriot Watt University straight out of high school, working at microbreweries and international breweries in the UK and Ireland. Her love of beer began at the age of ten when she enjoyed her first Guinness with oysters.

Nancy More - KPU Brewing & Brewery Operations Program - Siris Cask Festival MC

Nancy More has focused most of her career on supply and general management in the global brewing industry. During her career, Nancy worked in progressively more senior management positions across Canada for Labatt Brewing Company before moving into the global business with the parent company Interbrew SA. She is also the first female brewmaster in North America.

In 2001 Nancy relocated to Russia, working with SunInterbrew developing the technical operations in Eastern Europe before transferring to her position of Director, Global Technology Development for Interbrew.

Her interest in international business development led her to accept the role of Supply Director, International Beer Supply for Diageo headquartered in London, UK.  In this new position Nancy was responsible for Guinness supply operations in Africa, Seychelles, and Jamaica as well as sitting on the Diageo Africa Executive Committee and the Diageo Global Supply Leadership Team. She was a Steering Committee member for the Diageo Water for Life program which provides access to potable water for 1 million African citizens annually.  

Nancy’s business experience in developing countries has encouraged a passion in the challenges of creating sustainable change through leadership particularly in cross-cultural circumstances. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

International Women’s Day Collaboration Brew - Big Ridge Brewing, KPU Brewing Program, Red Truck, Bomber Brewing, R&B, Dogwood Brewing, Foamer’s Folly, Callister & Steamworks.

Big Boots Brew Day was born from Pink Boots Society members’ desire to take part in International Women’s Day to raise the profile of women in the beer industry and to raise the profile of beer to women. On Big Boots Brew Day, Pink Boots chapters, members, breweries, and supporters all get together, don their pink boots, and get brewing!

Amanda Barry-Butchart, Karen Cheshire, Kelsey Guerard, Amanda Lawton & Miki Goda - Central City Brewing & Distilling

Amanda Barry-Butchart

Amanda Barry-Butchart got her start nerding out about craft beer at a cask fest at Dix way back when and hasn't looked back since. Her background includes 5 years volunteering with CAMRA Vancouver. She also spent time working at Brewery Creek Liquor Store and was the Beer Manager at Steamworks Liquor Store in previous roles. She's currently working for Central City Brewing & Distilling as a Territory Manager and is a Director of The BC Beer Awards. She loves being a part of the ever growing BC Craft Beer Community and is proud to see so many women getting involved in all areas relating to beer.

Karen Cheshire:

Karen is a brewing scientist and sensory analyst at Central City Brewers and Distillers. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from UBC as well as a diploma in Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management from Olds College. She has worked as a brewer at Banff Ave Brewing and at the Olds College brewery.  She currently runs the Sensory program at CCBD and ensures that all of the beer that comes out of Central city is the best possible beer on the market!

Kelsey Guerard:

Kelsey came from the hospitality industry where she discovered her love for our local craft beer scene. She was fortunate to start her career at Central City Brewing as a merchandiser in April, 2016. She is now a Territory Manager in the Lower Mainland and couldn't be more passionate about her job and her customers. This was her first time brewing and it won't be last!

Amanda Lawton:

Amanda started her career in the beverage alcohol industry truly began when she was 19 with her first private liquor store job and worker her way up to become a buyer. Craft Beer was new, exciting and delicious and it was here where she discovered her passion for craft beer movement! She started looking and was very fortunate to find an amazing opportunity with Central City Brewers & Distillers. She started her career in Sales for CCBD in September 2016, and loves continuing to expand her knowledge of craft beer. This was her first time brewing and she is still very far away from knowing what she would like to, but she is learning is excited for what the future holds. Hopefully at least a good pint of beer!

Miki Goda

Miki is an Assistant Distiller at Central City Brewers + Distillers, where she operates the stills to produce spirits including whisky, rum, and gin. She has a Master’s in Food Science from UBC, and has previously completed a practicum in quality assurance at Molson as part of her program. Outside of work, she enjoys homebrewing and visiting local craft breweries and distilleries.

Amy Higgins, Bree Mayer - Dageraad Brewing

Amy is our Tasting Room Manager, and has been a home brewer for a couple years. Bree is our Cellarwoman, and has also started home Brewing recently. They have collaborated in the past to brew a pilot batch for our second anniversary, and it was a big hit

Anique Ross & Eleanor Stewart - Luppolo Brewing Company

Anique Ross & Eleanor Stewart are two of the four owners of Luppolo Brewing Company. Before opening, Anique, Eleanor, Federico, and Ryan (their husbands and business partners) could be found brewing almost every weekend first in the garage and later in the space that would become Luppolo. The two women have been friends for over 20 years and like to say that they are the reason that Luppolo came to be.

Bailey Pearson, Lina Set - Deep Cove Brewing

2 beer loving Tasting Room workers eager to showcase their brew!

Brandi Fulton - Silver Valley Brewing

As co-owner, administrator, and the crazy cat lady of a Silver Valley Brewing Co., Brandi Fulton has been key in turning a serious hobby, into a well thought out tangible business that has already started forming deep roots in the Maple Ridge community without even being open. Eventhough she is not a beer drinker, she's already become a huge fan of the beer culture, and how breweries work together to help push the industry forward.

Brittney Parker - Old Yale Brewing

Brittney started working for Old Yale just over a year ago. She started in our customer service team, but showed a growing interest and passion for brewing. She is now one of our 2 assistant brewers, and works about 80% of her time in our brewhouse. Helping with everything from cleaning tanks, to brewing test batches and racking kegs; Brittney is looking forward to learning as much as she can about the art and science of brewing.

Cheryl McNutt - Real Cask

Cheryl moved from Calgary to Vancouver in 2007 and experienced her first IPA at DIX brewpub. She has volunteered for numerous festivals over the years. Wanting to make a career change she started working at Callister in the tasting room a year ago. She's brewed on two occasions with Adam Chatburn from Real Cask brewing. Both beers have been on the beer engines at the Alibi Room and Storm Crow Alehouse.

Courtney Sung, Stefanie Elich, Tabitha LeTual & Roxanne Cartwright - Moody Ales

Photo left to right: Tabitha, Courtney, Stefanie, RoxanneCourtney:

Working at a local craft brewery means we all wear many hats, but Courtney’s official job title is "Marketing and Logistics Coordinator”. She often responds to your social media inquiries, coordinates beer deliveries to your favourite watering holes and liquor stores, and handles logistics for events we host at our brewery including open mic nights every third Sunday of the month!


New to the West Coast, Craft Beer was a whole new world to me, I needed to be a part of it. Staring off in Moody Ales tasting room, and moving into a Sales Rep position, I've come a long way from my Business Marketing background. Having Roxanne and Sho mentor me through multiple pilot brews has been an awesome experience. The best reward is having the beer I brewed, displayed on tap at accounts I manage! Forever learning in this industry, and I couldn't be happier to call the craft beer community, family.


From the sunshine coast, Victoria and now Vancouver, Tabitha has always has a passion for craft beer. She can be found rocking out in the lounge, at Moody Ales Brewery, pouring all the delicious beers! Self proclaimed cat lady, can be found most weekends enjoying a tall glass of Hoyne's Dark Matter and hitting a heavy metal show! From the lounge, to the back of the brewery, she's just happy to surrounded by amazing people and yummy beers!


See her bio bellow.

Diana McKenzie & Trina Moulin - Callister Brewing

Diana is co-owner of Callister Brewing with her partner, and Callister's Brewmaster, Chris Lay. Since 2012, Diana has been an active member of the home brewing and local craft community and has grown into a business management role for Callister within operations, finances, staffing, and our collaborative brewers program, as well as creating hand-made sodas. She is looking forward to getting more involved in brewing.

Trina has been an avid homebrewer with her boyfriend since 2009.  Together, they received an award at the 2012 BC Craft Beer awards.  Becoming involved in the homebrewing and craft beer communities and wanting to learn more, Trina is currently enrolled in SFU's Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials program.  She really appreciated the opportunity to brew with Diana at Callister and is looking forward to getting to know more women involved in the industry.

Erin Brophy - Persephone Brewing

Assistant Brewer. Erin is relatively new to the brewing industry, having started just 2 years ago at Persephone as a packaging tech. She has a background in bioprocess engineering, and is interested in sustainable brewing. Outside of work you're most likely to find her dabbling in circus arts or exploring the great outdoors with her dog, Po.

Favourite beer (so far!): La Roja Amber Ale, by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Heather Prost - Steel & Oak Brewing Co. - The Wet Hop Blog

When Heather is not pouring beers and spitting knowledge in the S&O Tasting Room she is writing for her beer blog The Wet Hop, finishing her degree, volunteering in her community, or just being rad.

Heather Wirachowsky - Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. 

Heather is our incredible Soda Brewer who helps us brew each tasty batch of our all-natural craft soda. Heather is stoked to be combining ingredients from our soda recipe to create this unique cask. In addition to handling all of our soda brewing, Heather is also a very talented photographer and has helped to capture the fun at our big parties like Rock the Shores and the Phillips Backyard Weekender.

Ingeborg Vijn - Faculty Brewing Co.

Ingeborg (29) is originally from the Netherlands. She came to Vancouver to get experience in craft brewing after working in a big international brewery for the last five years as a brewing technologist. Craft brewing is so much more tangible and alive compared to a big brewery where almost everything is automated and recipes are fixed. "As a brewer it's great to come up with new recipes and actually brew beer by hand to feel, smell and see what is going on in every step of the process." Since November last year she started working at Faculty brewing and recently she brewed her first recipe, '340 Dunkelweizen'. For now she would love to be part of making this company to a success and come up with more exciting recipes. For the longer term she might start her own brewery and combine all the experience out of the international brewery and this craft brewery, who knows!? 

Jessica Bowman - Townsite Brewing

Jessica was born and raised in Victoria, BC. She took craft beer for granted until she moved out of province and realized how unique her hometown's culture was. After returning to BC in 2014, she took an avid interest in familiarizing herself with the craft beer community. She began working in the tasting room at Vancouver Island Brewing in 2015, and became a familiar face in the store conducting brewery tours and tasting flights. As an host and educator, Jessica prioritized building her beer knowledge, and was soon working on the production line to gain more hands-on experience. Ambitious, inspired and determined, Jessica met Chloe Smith (GM, Townsite Brewing) in the spring of 2016 and the two of them established a mentorship where Jessica was offered a brewing apprenticeship with Cedric Dauchot and Scott Martin at Townsite Brewing, in Powell River, BC. She has been training with the team since early 2017.

Kristy Mosher, Sam Rose, Jacquie Loehndorf - KPU Brewing Program

Kristy’s love of craft beer started from her many years in the service industry getting to sell, and more importantly taste samples and new selections of beer being brought into the restaurant. After learning about wine through the International Sommelier Guild, the need to want to learn more about beer took over. Kristy is in her first year of the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma Program. Kristy has part-time position at Yellow Dog Brewing , and also moonlights as server at the Arms Reach Bistro. Future aspirations are to own a brewery someday, but till then Kristy is excited to see where the journey leads.

Sam Rose is currently a student in the Brewing and Brewing Operations Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her love of craft beer began during her two year exchange in Scotland and this lead her to pursue her passion further when returning home to Vancouver. Sam currently works as a brewing assistant at Moody Ales in Port Moody where she is developing hands-on training in brewing. Over the years her passion for craft beer has grown and her palate has expanded, especially when it comes to porters and stouts. Sam is excited to be a part of the evolving craft beer scene in Vancouver with aspirations to one day open her own brewery.

Jacquie is a brewing student in KPU’s Brewing and Brewery Operations program. She comes from a background in the service industry where she developed a great love for all things beer. She has been ecstatic since her introduction to brewing and the knowledge and hard work that goes into it. For most of her adult life she has been in East Vancouver, and has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the exponential growth of craft breweries there. In her program, she is one of four dedicated females who are all incredibly supportive with one another and is excited to be joining them to make a collaborative brew.

Kristy Mosher - Lightheart Brewing

Kristy’s love of craft beer started from her many years in the service industry getting to sell, and more importantly taste samples and new selections of beer being brought into the restaurant. After learning about wine through the International Sommelier Guild, the need to want to learn more about beer took over. Kristy is in her first year of the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma Program. Kristy has a part-time position at Yellow Dog Brewing , and also works at Callister Brewing and as a server at the Arms Reach Bistro. Future aspirations are to own a brewery someday, but till then Kristy is excited to see where the journey leads.

Lyndsay and Sarah - Foamers' Folly Brewing Co.

Lyndsay has been with Foamers' Folly since we opened in 2015. She has worn many hats, but now keeps her focus on the brewing itself. She is an experienced and avid homebrewer who enjoys both the creative process of recipe innovation and the hands-on aspect of brewing equipment whispering.

Sarah is one of our newest team members but she fits right in. With her background in chemistry, she is spearheading the Foamers' Lab to provide us with the technical and analytical skills we need to be the best we can be. She also brews and assists in packaging.

Both of these women are invaluable to Foamers' Folly.

Molly Graham - Coal Harbour Brewing Company


Monica Frost - Storm Brewing - What's Brewing Magazine - Vancouver Brewery Tours - BC Beer Awards - BC Ale Trail

Since her first sip of a cloudy Widmer Hefeweizen back in the late 90s, Monica has been a craft beer enthusiast, and it became her mission to build a community around it. Monica has spent many years volunteering with CAMRA and now What's Brewing BC. She's the Operations Coordinator at Vancouver Brewery Tours by day and side projects include: Director of BC Beer Awards and Socially Monica Communications - working with various events and festivals in BC. A #YeastVan local, you might just bump into her enjoying a pint with friends at one of the many brewery tasting rooms that advocacy initiatives from the craft beer community has helped to bring about.

Novia Chen - Tri-Cities Cask Festival - Tri-Cities Brew Club

While not a formal member of the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Directors Novia is a core and dedicated volunteer which made her the perfect woman to brew with the Tri-Cities Cask Festival for this event. Novia is working towards her doctorate in gender studies while pursuing her interest in homebrewing. Along with her brewing partner she has has made over 90 batches in three years, two of which received awards in the BC Beer Awards. She has a profound love of traditional English cask beers.

Rachel Young - Bomber Brewing

Rachel has worked at Bomber for over 2 years, starting in packaging and then moving to cellaring and then on to assistant brewer nearly a year ago. Rachel is moving to full time brewing this spring and is very excited to participate in the Siris Cask Festival

Rebecca Kneen - Crannóg Ales

Rebecca didn't start out as a brewer, but as a farmer. In 2000, she and her partner Brian MacIsaac started Crannóg Ales, with Rebecca as the hops farmer and manager, while Brian was the brewer. Over the last 17 years she's come to brew alongside Brian, specializing in casks and yeast management as well daily brewing when she's not actively farming hops and sheep. She continues to enjoy the hands-on brewing experience, the hard physical labour, imagination and problem-solving required to run all aspects of an on-farm brewery. She looks forward to continuing to teach organic hops production and to assist brewers in their transition to organic brewing, while learning ever more about the fermentable arts.

Roxanne Cartwright - Moody Ales

I started homebrewing 5 years ago and was thrilled to start working at Moody Ales in the tasting room from opening day in October 2014.  It has been one of the best experiences meeting all the wonderful people from the community and fellow craft beer lovers.  About a year after starting in the tasting room I moved over to the brewing side of things at Moody and have been brewing full time for the past year and a half.  I love creating new recipes and running the cask program at Moody Ales, making new cask experiments every week.  Each time I have a beer on tap somewhere I have to pinch myself!  If someone would've told me years ago when I was finishing up a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Alberta that I would get to be a part of this amazing network of supportive people and have this wonderful job of making beer I wouldn't have believed them!  Now that I'm here, I know this is where I'm meant to be.

*Photo courtesy of @ilikethewaythislooks

Sierra Nickel - Field House Brewing Co.

My name is Sierra. I got into home-brewing a few years back when my fiance, Josh (a brewer at Field House), became obsessed with it. Naturally, date nights turned into brewing nights and a some of Josh’s knowledge and excitement for craft beer ended up rubbing off on me. We planted hops, grew our own grains, and love catching wild yeast for our home-brewed sour beers. I started working as a beer-slinger at Field House Brewing Co. when we first opened last year. I still try and home-brew every so often, and love seeing my recipes come to life! I definitely see myself being in the craft beer scene for the rest of my life, in some way or another.

Teaghan Mayers - Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

Teaghan is an assistant brewer at F&W and has been a part of the brewery production and operations team since September 2016. She also brews many of their experimental pilot batches! Currently a first year student in the Brewing and Brewery Operations program at KPU, she originally started homebrewing while studying at the University of Alberta (where she earned an M.Sc. in Microbial Ecology). Teaghan is fascinated by the science of brewing, and is passionate about the creative process of recipe development.

Sophie, Jes & Marni - Yellow Dog Brewing

Yellow Dog has plenty of depth in the brewing department and the inaugural Siris cask event is no different when it comes to showcasing the talent of women brewers in Vancouver’s lower mainland. Three of Yellow Dog Brewing’s own have designed, created, and casked their very first brew in the Siris Cask Fest, which is the first event of its kind in the area that is intended to celebrate the underacknowledged brewing prowess of BC’s women in the craft beer industry.

Sophie, Jes, and Marni of Yellow Dog Brewing’s new and improved tasting room have taken the task of producing the cask that will be the premiere brew from Yellow Dog of the Siris Cask Fest. Up to this point, their talents have been strictly front of house with their brewing experience being tasting, understanding and learning about the local craft beer and the craft beer scene. They’ve had a positive impact from their current vantage point being in key positions in the tasting room, but in hearing about the Siris Cask Fest, they’ve quite passionately taken it upon themselves to strive for the excellence that has become synonymous with Yellow Dog’s brewing program.

With strong support from the entire brewery, they’ve been given cart blanche on everything from scheduling the brew, sourcing ingredients, and the style of beer and flavor profile that is the makeup of their vision of their first ever brew.

The entire Yellow Dog family is excited for them and cheering them on from behind the scenes and can’t wait to hoist a few in honour of the Siris event and the first of many brews by the talented and knowledgeable women of Yellow Dog Brewing Co.